Animal Control 196 Long Range Package

Whether your task is to medicate or capture, Pneu-Dart has the ideal drug delivery system for you. Our Animal Control Packages are designed to effectively meet your RDD needs.

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Model 196 Projector

The Model 196 is an extremely rugged cartridge-fired projector that is functional and simple. The power control is on the rear of the gas block for convenience and will provide many years of service. This model comprises a uniform blued finish mounted handsomely on a black composite stock.

Animal Control Model 196 Package Contents:

  • Model 196 Black Cartridge Fired Projector with 1x1 pistol scope (Optical sights are incorporated and made part of the projector to insure effective and humane RDD Device delivery.)
  • Important Documents Envelope
  • Protective Projector Case
  • Sling
  • RDD Device Wallet
  • Cleaning Kit
  • 1.5" Fill Needle (3 Pack)
  • 3cc Syringe
  • Pneu-Dart RDD Device Target
  • Green Charges*
  • Pneu-Dart Chest Pack
  • Handbook of Wildlife Chemical Immobilization
  • Pneu-Dart Hat*
  • 1.0 CC Type 'C' RDD Device with 1/2" Gel Collar
  • 1.5 CC Type 'C' RDD Device with 3/4" Gel Collar with Tri-Ports
  • 2.0 CC Type 'C' RDD Device with 3/4" Gel Collar with Tri-Ports
  • 3.0 CC Type 'C' RDD Device with 1" Gel Collar with Tri-Ports
  • 1.0 CC, 1.5 CC , 2.0 CC, and 3.0 CC Practice RDD Devices
  • This item carries a Federal Excise Tax

Model 196 Power Control Chart (PDF)

Notice: Savage does not provide after-market assistance with lost or broken bolts and as a result, these items are not able to be replaced or repaired.

CAUTION: Do not use charges with wads or designed to use with starter pistols or nail guns!  Our Pneu-Dart projectors are designed to use Pneu-Dart CCI charges. Recommended CCI charges are Brown (level 2), Green (level 3) and Yellow (level 4). THE USE OF NON-APPROVED PNEU-DART POWER CHARGES MAY CAUSE DAMAGE TO THE PROJECTOR AND WILL AUTOMATICALLY VOID THE WARRANTY OF YOUR PROJECTOR.

The use of any RDD projector without the means of an adjustable power control can prove to be a detriment to the welfare of the animal. Please refer to the Power Control Chart for charge and power control setting recommendations.

Pneu-Dart here to protect the industry which begins with stewardship.

* All RDD Devices come in packs of five, and the style of our hat changes depending upon the season.

* Sale of the cartridge-fired projectors (such as the Model 196 and Model 389) is regulated by Federal Law. Interstate shipment is restricted to government agencies or holders of a Federal Firearm License. If you do not have a license, arrange for a local gun dealer to accept the projector on your behalf. We must have a certified faxed, email, and/or mailed copy of this license on file prior to shipment.

* International orders for Cartridge-fired projectors do not contain, or include, .22 caliber charges

* This item requires an adult signature upon delivery

* NOTICE: Savage does not provide after-market assistance with lost or broken bolts and as a result, these items are not able to be replaced or repaired.

This package contains products that have a lead time.

Due to the temporary supply interruption of 3-10cc RDDs, Projector packages do not have an estimated delivery date at this time. Please call our customer care team at 866-299-3278 with any questions or concerns.

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Animal Control 196 Long Range Package

$1,091.06 - $1,155.61
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Weight 20.00 LBS
Height 13.00 (in)
Width 55.00 (in)
Depth 4.00 (in)
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