Deer & Elk 196 Long Range Package

Whether your task is to medicate or capture, Pneu-Dart has the ideal drug delivery system for you. Our Deer and Elk Packages are designed to effectively meet your RDD needs.

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Model 196 Projector

The Model 196 is an extremely rugged cartridge-fired projector that is functional and simple. The power control is on the rear of the gas block for convenience and will provide many years of service. This model comprises a uniform blued finish mounted handsomely on a black composite stock.

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**Sale of the cartridge-fired projectors (such as the Model 196) is regulated by Federal Law. Interstate shipment is restricted to government agencies or holders of a Federal Firearm License. If you do not have a license, arrange for a local gun dealer to accept the projector on your behalf. We must have a certified faxed, emailed, and/or mailed copy of this license on file prior to shipment.

Deer & Elk Model 196 Package Contents:

  • Model 196 Black Cartridge Fired Projector with 3-9 × 32mm scope (Optical sights are incorporated and made part of the projector to insure effective and humane RDD Device delivery.)
  • Important Documents Envelope
  • Protective Projector Case
  • Sling
  • RDD Device Wallet
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Green Charges
  • 3" Fill Needle
  • 3cc Syringe
  • Pneu-Dart RDD Device Target
  • Pneu-Dart Chest Pack
  • Pneu-Dart Hat
  • Handbook of Wildlife Chemical Immobilization
  • 1.0 CC Type 'C' RDD Device with 3/4" Gel Collar
  • 1.5 CC Type 'C' RDD Device with 1" Gel Collar with Tri-Ports
  • 2.0 CC Type 'C' RDD Device with 1 1/4" Gel Collar with Tri-Ports
  • 3.0 CC Type 'C' RDD Device with 1 1/2" Gel Collar with Tri-Ports
  • 5.0 CC Type 'C' RDD Device with 1 1/2" Gel Collar with Tri-Ports
  • 1.0 CC, 1.5 CC, 2.0CC, 3.0CC and 5.0 CC Practice RDD Devices
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*Note: All RDD Devices come in packs of five, and the style of our hat changes depending upon the season. For the newest hat style, please click here."

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