Transmitter RDD  (414 Design) Transmitter RDD  (414 Design)

We are pleased to announce customer feedback has inspired further refinement to our PLL transmitter and transmitter-device designs. Working closely with our telemetry partners we have successfully created our new ‘414 Transmitter RDD’. Having reduced the length and weight by 16% it is the lightest and most durable disposable transmitter RDD ever produced! For ordering availability we invite you to contact our Customer Care Center by dialing 866-299-3278 or via e-mail

Easily track your animal with our new 414 PLL (Phase Lock Loop) Transmitter RDD – a microprocessor control advanced feature transmitter with solid state components.

414 PLL Transmitter RDD Specifications

  • Our new UNI-body case design fortifies the transmitter to withstand kinetic energy impact values FIFTEEN times greater than anything else on the market.
  • Effective range up to 1.5 miles depending upon topography.
  • Battery life provides up to 12 continuous hours of transmission using a silver oxide battery.
  • Frequency and temperature stable operation (operating temperature between -40 to 150ºF).
  • Practical performance features including the ability to maintain high power output transmission qualities even as the battery drains, found nowhere else.
  • Once tightened, the battery cap activates the transmitter manually.
  • 28 milliseconds pulse rate, 50 pulses per minute.
  • Magnetic tap-on tap-off activation with pulsing LED light for easy detection.

Available Drug Capacities

  • 1cc drug capacity | device length 8 15/16" + cannula (Needle)
  • 2cc drug capacity | device length 9 5/8" + cannula
  • 3cc drug capacity | device length 10 1/2" + cannula

Our RDDs perform best when paired with a Pneu-Dart Projector. There is potential for inconsistent results when using projectors manufactured by other companies.

For RDD tips and care click here.

Contact customer service for current lead times (Contact us at, or call 1-866-299-3278)

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Transmitter RDD (414 Design)

$27.45 - $33.95
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Weight 0.25 LBS
Availability Please contact our customer care team at 866-299-3278 for lead times and information on this product.
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