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Working closely with our customers, we designed and built our DNA RDD on a 2cc body to remove a sample consisting of both the dermis and hypodermis material. Attached to the aluminum nose cone is a stainless steel cutter measuring approximately 0.165" × 0.150" and encompasses a barbed “capture claw” to ensure sample retention. Field trials produced excellent results yielding three independent DNA tests from a single sample.


Regardless of your distance, just point and shoot. Upon impact, the DNA RDD retains a sample and falls to the ground. Equaling all Pneu-Dart RDDs, our DNA devices are available in the following three tail designs: Type C for our Cartridge Fired Projectors; Type P for CO2 and Air Activated Projectors; and Type U with flight stabilizers for other brands of projectors


Our RDDs perform best when paired with a Pneu-Dart Projector. There is potential for inconsistent results when using projectors manufactured by other companies.

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