Type P RAD Type C RAD Type U RAD Remote Animal Deterrent  | 5 Pack

Uniquely designed, our Remote Animal Deterrent (RAD) RDD is ideal for “scaring” off unwanted animals.  Built on a 1.5cc body with scored sidewalls, the RAD supports a two-part threaded nosecone and is designed to rupture upon impact without harming the animal. (Pyrodex Powder not included.) Available in Type 'P' (as shown), Type' C', and Type 'U' tail types.

Our RDDs perform best when paired with a Pneu-Dart Projector. There is potential for inconsistent results when using projectors manufactured by other companies.

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Remote Animal Deterrent | 5 Pack

$18.85 - $19.60
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Weight 0.25 LBS
Availability Please contact our customer care team at 866-299-3278 for lead times and information on this product.
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