Model 196 (Camo Stock, Blued Assembly, Scope)

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The Model 196 is an extremely rugged cartridge-fired projector that is functional and simple. The power control is on the rear of the gas block for convenience and will provide many years of service. This model comprises a uniform blued assembly mounted handsomely on a camo composite stock. This model includes a mounted scope.

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**Sale of the cartridge-fired projectors (such as the Model 196) are regulated by Federal Law. Interstate shipment is restricted to government agencies or holders of a Federal Firearm License. If you do not have a license, arrange for a local gun dealer to accept the projector on your behalf. We must have a certified faxed, emailed, and/or mailed copy of this license on file prior to shipment.

Model 196 Specifications

  • 196 stock and action - Savage Mark II FV .22 caliber 5 shot clip
  • 1x1 pistol scope (Optical sights are incorporated and made part of the projector to insure effective and humane RDD Device delivery.)
  • Barrel - 13mm caliber 19" rifled barrel with Airflow Control Ports
  • Action - Break open
  • Cartridges - CCI 22 caliber blank power loads
  • Weight - 6 1/2 Ibs.
  • Power control - 5 position
  • Range - 0 to 70 yards with 1cc Type 'C' disposable RDD Devices.
  • Front and rear quick detachable sling swivels included

Notice: Savage does not provide after-market assistance with lost or broken bolts and as a result, these items are not able to be replaced or repaired.

**Cycling for Model 196

Recent field studies have concluded that cartridge-based projectors perform best when given adequate time to cycle. By definition: Cycling implies the ability for the gas chamber, within a cartridge-fired projector, to replenish itself with fresh oxygen. When achieved the projector yields a more consistent burn rate in each charge fired. Failure to do so results in less oxygen yielding lower combustion levels (e.g., reduced muzzle velocities) for subsequent RDD Devices fired at less than 30-second intervals.

All of our projectors have adjustable power controls that makes for effective shooting at close range or sizable distance, even from the bird's eye view of a helicopter. This allows for quiet propulsion and less trauma to the animal when properly applied — a real plus when immobilizing penned animals.

The Model 196 Power Control:

5 position Power Control knob in conjunction with strength of charge (Brown, Green, and Yellow)

What's Included:

  • Sling
  • Hat
  • Economy rifle case
  • RDD caddy
  • Gun lock
  • Manual
  • Warranty card
  • 1 year warranty

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* This item requires an adult signature upon delivery

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