5.0 CC Type 'U' RDD Device (5 Pack) with Gel Collar
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5.0 CC Type 'U' RDD Device (5 Pack) with Gel Collar

Price: $20.70
Product ID : 5.0 CC Type 'U' RDD Device
Shipping Weight: 0.18 lbs
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  • Description
  • Cannula (Needle) Lengths
  • Options
  • RDD Device Care

Type "U" Disposable RDD Devices
Pneu-Dart Type ‘U’ disposable RDD Devices are .50 caliber and are designed to provide precise drug delivery in a convenient, inexpensive projectile. These devices are appropriate for use on small or large animals. Color coded in yellow with a Flight Stabilizer, Type ‘U’ RDD Devices are for use with both our cartridge-fired and CO2 Air projectors.

Poly RDD Device Bodies (.5 cc to 1.5 cc)
Pneu-Dart has fortified its plastic RDD Device body by transitioning over to clear polycarbonate resin. Equipped with a yellow tail, and Flight Stabilizer, the new PolyCarb device is ballistically equal and structurally superior. (Poly devices are only available in .5 cc - 1.5 cc RDD Devices.)

Aluminum RDD Device Bodies (2 cc - 10 cc)
Made out of aluminum tubing, our RDD Devices are designed to ensure optimum performance under any condition.

How They Work
Our devices contain a small explosive charge which detonates on impact and quickly injects the drug. RDD Devices equal to or less than 1 cc do not require retention (wire barb or gelatin collar) due to the rate of injection. As a consequence of the RDD Device mechanics, the device will “flash” when activated, a real asset in low-light conditions.

All RDD Devices currently produced will require a 19 gauge hypodermic fill needle. A FREE, complementary, 19 gauge fill needle will be included in each RDD Device package. 

Cannula Lengths                                               

RDD Devices are available with 14-gauge cannula in lengths of 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2" and 2". RDD Devices 1.5 cc through 10 cc are equipped with a gelatin collar but can be ordered with a wire barb. 3/8" cannula are available in plain only. 1/2" cannula are available in gelatin collars only. We do not recommend wire barbs or gelatin collars on 1/2 cc or 1 cc devices; however, they are available at an additional cost. Gelatin collars comprise of an inert material retaining the device in place until the injection is made, and after 15-20 minutes will liquefy, allowing the RDD Device to fall freely from the animal. 

The chart listed below is a general guide for cannula lengths when administering intramuscular injections. Thirteen gauge cannula in specific lengths are also available. When ordering, please specify type of RDD Device and cannula length. Not sure what will work best for you? Call our helpful Customer Care Providers at 866-299-DART (3278).

  • 0–10 lbs. | 3/8" cannula length
  • 10–75 lbs. | 1/2" cannula length
  • 75–150 lbs. | 3/4" cannula length
  • 150–600 lbs. | 1" cannula length
  • 600+ lbs. | 1 1/4", 1 1/2", and 2" cannula lengths

Green and Red Gelatin Collars
Gelatin Collars are uniquely designed to hold the RDD Device into the hide of the animal to ensure a complete drug delivery. Within a limited amount of time (approx. 15 - 20 minutes) the thermal heat from the animal will eventually dissolve the Gelatin Collar, thus allowing the device to freely fall to the ground. Designed to assist in easy identification we have elected to use two colors for our Gelatin Collars. The traditional Green color is now used on all end-port discharge cannulas. The Red Gelatin Collars are now assigned to our Tri-Port (end and side port) discharge cannulas. Although different in color our gelatin collars function equally as reliable as they have in the past.

Wire Barbs
Designed to ensure that the RDD Device stays within the animal after they have been treated, the wire barbs lodge themselves into the hide of the animal. To remove, carefully make a small incision to extract the device from the animal. 

Flight Stabilizers
Flight stabilizers aid in the flight of the RDD Device so that the device does not flutter while in flight. They are also useful in having our devices work in other, non-Pneu-Dart, projectors.

RDD Device Care

  • Do not shake or drop RDD Devices, as they could detonate.
  • Do not leave RDD Devices in hot places. (e.g., dashboards of vehicles that sit in the sun).
  • Be careful when filling RDD Device and always hold cannula away from your face.
  • Unfired RDD Devices should be handled with care and stored in an appropriate container.
  • Fired RDD Devices should be recovered when possible and disposed of in a safe manner.
  • Eye protection should be used at all times.
  • RDD Devices are not designed to be refrigerated. Bring devices to room temperature before using.

Users acknowledge and accept any and all liability when using this product. Extreme caution should be present at all times.