Type P

We are pleased to announce domestic retail RDD Device orders are now shipping within 1-4 Business Days on sizes 0.5cc through 10cc!
As always, we continue to encourage our Channel Partners to present their required forecasts so they too face no delay in delivery.

Pneu-Dart Type 'P' RDD Devices (color coded in yellow) are for use with our CO2 Air projectors and Blo-Jector. As with the Type ‘C’ RDD Devices, these RDD Devices are appropriate for use on small or large animals. These RDD Devices are used with the following Pneu-Dart Model Projectors: X-Caliber Gauged Projector, X-Caliber Gauged Long Range Projector, Model 176B – CO 2 Air, Model 178 B – Air, Model 179B Short Range Projector – CO2 Air, Model 190B Short Range Projector – Air

Need larger RDD Devices?

Type U Dart

"Type U" RDD Devices are our most versatile and universal tail design for Pneu-Dart and non Pneu-Dart Projectors. Type U tails for 6cc – 10cc RDD Devices are our standard tail design for any projector. Click here for "Type U" RDD Devices.