Type P Practice RDD | 5 Pack

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For 3cc thru 10cc Practice RDDs please call 866-299-3278 to allow our customer care providers to assist you in placing your order.

Available in .5cc - 10cc the Pneu-Dart Practice RDDs are designed and pre-weighted to mimic an actual Pneu-Dart RDD filled with an injectable liquid. The Practice RDDs all contains a solid cannula / needle which is designed to be used multiple times when delivering your Practice RDD to a practice target.

Pneu-Dart recommends that dial-in your projector using practice RDDs to achieve accurate shot placement and ideal impact speeds prior to using the projector to deliver actual "full" RDDs with injectable liquids.

Poly RDD Bodies (.5cc to 2cc) are color coded Blue for easy identification.

Aluminum RDD Bodies (3cc to 10cc) do not have the laser engraving, and are easily identified by the solid needle.

Flight Stabilizers (Type U): Flight stabilizers aid in the flight of the RDD so that the device does not flutter while in flight. They are also useful in having our RDDs work in other non Pneu-Dart projectors.

Unsure of which options are best for you and your darting situation? Contact your local veterinarian for assistance.

Users acknowledge and accept any and all liability when using this product. Extreme caution should be present at all times.

Our RDDs perform best when paired with a Pneu-Dart Projector. There is potential for inconsistent results when using projectors manufactured by other companies.

For RDD tips and care click here.

Type C, P, and U RDD devices and Practice devices have a production lead-time of 7-10 business days prior to shipping out. Overnight and 2-day shipping is available once product is produced and ready for shipping.

CLICK HERE to see lead times for our Pneu-Dart products.

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