Type C

We are pleased to announce domestic retail RDD Device orders are now shipping within 1-4 Business Days on sizes 0.5cc through 10cc!
As always, we continue to encourage our Channel Partners to present their required forecasts so they too face no delay in delivery.

Pneu-Dart Type ‘C’ disposable RDD Devices are 13mm caliber and are designed to provide precise drug delivery in a convenient, inexpensive projectile. These RDD Devices are appropriate for use on small or large animals. Color coded in orange, Type 'C' RDD Devices are best used with our cartridge projectors. These RDD Devices are used with the following Pneu-Dart Model Projectors: Model 389 – Cartridge Fired, Model 196 – Cartridge Fired, Model 193 – Cartridge Fired (Model retired)

Need larger RDD Devices?

Type U Dart

"Type U" RDD Devices are our most versatile and universal tail design for Pneu-Dart and non Pneu-Dart Projectors. Type U tails for 6cc – 10cc RDD Devices are our standard tail design for any projector. Click here for "Type U" RDD Devices.