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Terms and Conditions / Sales Agreement


Pneu-Dart, Inc.
15223 Route 87 Highway
Williamsport, PA 17701
Toll Free: 866.299.DART (3278)

1.2 THE BUYER: Shipping and Billing Information submitted through the form fields (left column)

2. DESCRIPTION OF GOODS: This promotion does not apply to all products and is limited to Pneu Dart, Inc. Cattlemen's 178B Medium Range Package only.

3. The Buyer upon receipt of "goods" will have TWO (2) business days to inspect the goods and notify the seller the condition of the "goods" is not acceptable for reason of defects, latent or otherwise by securing a Return Materials Authorization number.

4. The risk passes onto the Buyer once the Buyer or his/her agent(s) take possession of the Goods, subject to condition 3 above.

5. The Purchase Price equals the sum of $532.82 (shipping included) ** Show special only


6.1 The Seller acknowledges a transaction deposit in the sum of $100 was received when the form (to the left) was submitted for processing.

6.2 The Buyer agrees balance of the Purchase Price equaling the sum of $432.82 must be paid 30 days from the date the form (to the left) was submittd, and will be charged to the Buyer's credit card on file.

6.3 The Parties agree the Transaction Deposit is non-refundable.

6.4 In the unlikely event the "goods" fail to meet Buyer's expectations, Buyer agrees to provide written notification to Seller within 30 calendar days upon receipt of goods delivered.

6.5 Should the Buyer return the "goods", Buyer must do so within Thirty Five (35) calendar days upon receipt of the "goods" delivered.

6.6 Buyer agrees return shipping expense shall be the responsibility of the buyer.

6.7 Buyer agrees all items returned must equal or exceed $432.82 in retail value. In the event items returned are less than $432.82 in retail value, Seller reserves the right to charge the Buyer's credit card on file for the net difference. Should the items returned equal or exceed $432.82 in retail value the Seller will notify Buyer (via e-mail only) items have been returned in good and serviceable condition and the Seller will have no further claims with respect to this transaction and the Buyer.

6.8 Buyer agrees to maintain "goods" received in proper and serviceable condition at all times until balance of purchase price is processed. Should Buyer return the "goods" in other than serviceable condition, costs associated with repairs and conditioning to return the goods to serviceable condition will be charged to the Buyer's credit card on file. This does not include minor nicks, scratches or wear typically associated with normal use of the product.