Remote Marking & Inject RDD | 3 Pack

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These RDD Devices are designed to inject the drug while simultaneously placing a visible mark on the animal. 1cc - 3cc drug delivery options are available. Other liquid capacity can be custom ordered to your specifications. Call our customer service center for further details.

How They Work

Our Injection Marking RDD Devices each contain two compartments. The forward compartment is the drug containment chamber, the rear compartment is allocated to the marking media. Note: We do not provide the marking media used in our RDD Devices.

Each compartment contains a plunger and internal ignition system. The ignition system activates upon impact, simultaneously forcing each plunger within the body compartments to inject the drug along with applying an external mark on the animal.

All of our Injection Marking RDD Devices are equipped with our unique gelatin retention collar. Gelatin collars are comprised of an inert material retaining the device in place until the injection is made, and after several minutes will liquefy, allowing the device to fall freely from the animal.

Located mid-span of the device, there is a “crimp”. This crimp separates the forward drug containment chamber of the device from the rear marking media chamber and holds the internal charge. Located behind the crimp, there are four 5/32” marking media ejection ports. Note: In a ready-to-load condition, these ports are sealed with our unique marking media membrane seal.

Step By Step

  • Using a syringe needle, insert needle into 5/32” hole and pull the marking media seal (rubber plunger) towards the crimp. The seal will slide forward, allowing you to insert your needle easily behind it. (see Media Loading Image - Img. 1)
  • The marking media seal is tapered towards the rear, thus you will now have an easier time inserting your syringe needle. With the media-filled syringe now directed (pointed) toward the tail of the RDD Device, inject the marking media into the marking media chamber. (see Media Loading Image - Img. 2)
  • Reverse the process outlined above in step one. Using your needle, push the media seal towards the rear of the device (away from the crimp) to close up the rear marking media chamber. (see Media Loading Image - Img. 3)

Users acknowledge and accept any and all liability when using this product. Extreme caution should be present at all times.

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