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Practice RDD Device (5 Pack)

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Practice RDD Device (5 Pack)

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Practice RDD Device

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Disposable RDD Practice Devices Pneu-Dart Type ‘P’ RDD Practice Devices (color coded in yellow) are for use with our CO2 Air projectors and Blo-Jector. Pneu-Dart Type ‘C’ RDD Practice Devices (color coded in orange) are for use with our Cartridge Fired Projectors.. Pneu-Dart Type ‘U’ RDD Practice Devices are for use with any projector.

Poly RDD Device Bodies (.5 cc to 2 cc) Pneu-Dart has fortified its plastic RDD Device body by transitioning over to opaque blue polycarbonate resin. Equipped with a color-coded polypropylene Type ‘C’ or Type ‘P’ tail, the new PolyCarb RDD Device is ballistically equal and structurally superior. (Poly devices are only available in .5 cc - 2 cc bodies.)

Aluminum RDD Device Bodies (3cc to 10cc) Made with a laser engraved aluminum body, our devices are designed to ensure optimum performance under any condition.

Flight Stabilizers Flight stabilizers aid in the flight of the RDD Device so that the device does not flutter while in flight. They are also useful in having our RDD Devices work in other non-Pneu-Dart projectors. Please order Type 'U' Practice RDD Devices to add Flight Stabilizers.