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Cattle 196 Long Range Package

Cattle 196 Long Range Package
Price: $874.07
Product ID : Package - 196 CT Long Range
Shipping Weight: 24.00 lbs



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Whether your task is to medicate or capture, Pneu-Dart has the ideal drug delivery system for you. Our Cattle Packages are designed to effectively meet your RDD needs.

Model 196 Projector

The Model 196 is an extremely rugged cartridge-fired projector that is functional and simple. The power control is on the rear of the gas block for convenience and will provide many years of service.

This item carries FET. Click on the FET Tab for the amount of Federal tax rates that will be applied to your order when final procecessing occurs.

**Sale of the cartridge-fired projectors (196 and 389) is regulated by Federal Law. Interstate shipment is restricted to government agencies or holders of a Federal Firearm License. If you do not have a license, arrange for a local gun dealer to accept the projector on your behalf. We must have a certified faxed, emailed, and/or mailed copy of this license on file prior to shipment.





Cattle Model 196 Package Contents:

  • Model 196 Black Cartridge Fired Projector
  • 1X x 30mm Scope (Optical sights are incorporated and made part of the projector to insure effective and humane RDD Device delivery.)
  • Important Documents Envelope
  • Protective Projector Case
  • Sling
  • 3-Tube RDD Device Holster
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Green Charges
  • Yellow Charges
  • 3" Fill Needle
  • 10 cc Syringe
  • Pneu-Dart RDD Device Target
  • Pneu-Dart Hat*
  • 3 cc C- 1" Gel collar with tri-ports
  • 5 cc C- 1/2" Gel collar
  • 7 cc U- 1/2" Gel collar
  • 10 cc U- 1/2" Gel collar
  • 3 cc C, 5 cc C, 7 cc U, and 10 cc U- Practice RDD Devices
  • This item carries a Federal Excise Tax (Please select tab for pricing)

*Note: All RDD Devices come in packs of five, and the style of our hat changes depending upon the season. For the newest hat style, please click here.

Federal Excise Tax.

This item carries FET. The following Federal tax rates will be applied to your order when final procecessing occurs.

Model 196 with Black Stock $51.10

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    Pneu-Dart is proud to announce a new non-profit endeavor, The Treat Right Foundation. As a service to our customers, we have established a 501c3 organization designed to support the National FFA and the National Wildlife Federation, two very deserving organizations.

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