Cattle 176B Medium Range Package
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Cattle 176B Medium Range Package

Price: $507.99
Product ID : Package - 176B CT Med Range
Shipping Weight: 19.00 lbs
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Whether your task is to medicate or capture, Pneu-Dart has the ideal drug delivery system for you. Our Cattle Packages are designed to effectively meet your RDD needs.

Model 176B (CO2 Fired) Breech Loading Projector

The Model 176B, a breech loading projector, is a CO2-operated projector recommended for close range use. It is ideal for penned animals and for use in populated areas (e.g., dog control). Under ideal conditions (no wind) these projectors are accurate up to 40 yards. By using the power control valve, caged animals can be treated as close as two yards without injury. This projector is powered by a 12-gram CO2 cylinder only.





Cattle Model 176B Package Contents:

  • Model 176B Breech Loading Projector
  • Important Documents Envelope
  • Protective Projector Case
  • 3-Tube Dart Holster
  • Cleaning Kit
  • 3" Fill Needle
  • 10 cc Syringe
  • Pneu-Dart RDD Device Target
  • CO2 (1 box of 5)
  • Pneu-Dart Hat*
  • 3 cc P- 1" Gel collar with tri-ports
  • 5 cc P- 1/2" Gel collar
  • 7 cc U- 1/2" Gel collar
  • 10 cc U- 1/2" Gel Collar
  • 3 cc P, 5 cc P, 7 cc U, and 10 cc U- Practice RDD Devices

*Note: All RDD Devices come in packs of five, and the style of our hat changes depending upon the season. For the newest hat style, please click here.