Model 176B - CO2 Projector
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Model 176B - CO2 Projector

Price: $295.00
Product ID : Model 176B - CO2 Projector
Shipping Weight: 5.60 lbs
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  • Description
  • Power Control

The Model 176B, a breech loading projector, is a CO2-operated projector recommended for close range shooting. It is ideal for penned animals and for use in populated areas (e.g., dog control). Under ideal conditions (no wind) these projectors are accurate up to 40 yards. By using the power control valve, caged animals can be treated as close as two yards without injury. This projector is powered by a 12-gram CO2 cylinder only.

Model 176B Specifications

  • Stock and Action - Benjamin Sheridan
  • Overall Length - 41"
  • Barrel - 13mm caliber smooth bore
  • Sights - Open
  • Weight - 7 Ibs.
  • Range - 2 feet to 40 yards with 1 cc Type ‘P’ disposable RDD Devices
  • CO2 pressure control – Knurled knob on rear of bolt



All of our projectors have adjustable power controls that makes for effective usage at close range or sizable distance, even from the bird’s eye view of a helicopter. This allows for quiet propulsion and less trauma to the animal when properly applied — a real plus when immobilizing penned animals.

The Model 176B Power Control:

CO2 pressure control – Knurled knob on rear of bolt