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Accredited RDD & Tactical Shooting Seminar

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Accredited RDD & Tactical Shooting Seminar

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Accredited RDD & Tactical Shooting Seminar

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Acquire 7.5 CE Credits for attending this seminar. *


  • Drug usage review
  • Drug, species, age, sex factors for optimal needle length and configuration (gelatin collars, barb type and shot placement)
  • Loading RDDs [Darts] under field conditions with select drugs; night time, reload speed
  • RDD trajectories with various pressure settings and distances, and projectile systems
  • Different optics/sights for different applications and personal preferences
  • Shot placement options for various scenarios, species, body sizes, needle lengths, chemical agents, etc.
  • Night shooting with artificial light, NV, or thermal, considerations of obstacles between shooter and target, magnification setting for different circumstances
  • Critical anatomical considerations for injury or confounding drug delivery (e.g., depth of soft tissue to bone)
  • Understand species-specific behaviors to predict/anticipate potential response to RDD / dart discharge.
  • Basic precision assessment for shooting skill. Trigger control for different projector designs